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  1. I’ve rented and watched your webinar. Thank you very much. I learn several new useful tips and tricks, but as importantly for me watching you work subjectively was very valuable. One particular question I had was about using Hawaiki Color full screen, namely in FCPX 10.1.1 the on screen controls don’t work. What FCPX version did you use for the webinar?

    1. Glad it helped! I was using 10.1.1. If you are having issues, then I recommend getting in touch with support over at FxFactory. They are great with helping out with issues like this.

  2. I watched the webinar again and I was wrong you didn’t use Hawaiki Color full screen. I contacted the Hawaiki Color developer and he said there is a problem in Mavericks and it doesn’t work. It effects full screen controls on any effect and until Apple fixes the problem it won’t work. To bad because using it full screen is crucial in my view.

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