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Michael GarberHi, everyone. My name is Michael Garber.  I’m a video editor and a sometimes shooter.  I like cartoons, awesome movies, and all things nerdy-like. This blog is a way for me to discuss all of the exciting things I see, do, and learn about relating to my work in the world of production and post. You can follow my tweets @garbershop. I can be contacted via email at m-i-c-h-a-e-l (at) g-a-r-b-e-r-s-h-o-p *dot* c-o-m. Remove dashes for my email – trying to keep spam to a minimum.

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  1. Hello Michael:
    Wondering if you can help me finding a solution to a problem i have in my new imac.
    i downloaded fcpx 10.8 from the internet, and i cant see my harddisk in the fcpx. maybe its a matter of formation or something else.
    do you know something about this problem?

    sorry to bother you

    1. Hi Jacob. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can find answers to your FCPX questions like this over on the Creative Cow forums.

      FCP X 10.1 introduced a new system for organizing media. You now load all your footage into a library which you can save anywhere on your system. Your hard dives will not show up in the browser anymore.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Just read your NAB 2014 wrap-up diary. Sounds like it turned out to be a very good experience for you. Given that I was only there for the suite set-up, I was very glad to hear that all that effort turned out to be worthwhile for you, Sam and the others.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed meeting you on a number of levels. You are the first film editor that I have met other than Sam. Both of you are very passionate about what you do. Life is short, so being passionate about it while you go thru it is truly a good thing. I hope I will be able to see you again in the future, perhaps at some point when I visit Sam again in LA. All the best!


  3. Hi michael, I just have a weird question hopefully you can help. I loved watching huell, I met him 2 times. He would have been a great governor. One of the times I ran into him was at el coyote on beverly blvd. Kcet was close by. A lot,of people had asked him why he would not do a show on the restaurant. He did all those qwerky places.I had also asked Louie , too he said look it up in his book…. I’m just looking for another possibility


    1. Hi Paul,

      Huell never mentioned anything to me about it. I remember him mentioning that he went there a couple times and had a great time meeting people there.

      He liked covering holes in the wall and mom and pop shops. Maybe El Coyote was too popular and he felt it didn’t need coverage? Or maybe he wanted to keep it for himself to enjoy without the added popularity of his show?

      Sorry but I’m not sure if that’s any help.

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