To quote GLaDOS…

“It’s been a looong time.” Sorry but things have been a little nutty ’round the ol’ Garbershop lately. I’ve been traveling around Cali on business and also have a shoot coming up this week in Bakersfield for a high-end corporate client.

I’m very excited about the shoot. It will be the first time I’ll be using my entire kit of gear. Here’s a tease of one of the carts.


We were also able to hire on an AC/DP who will basically be a “second me” on set. He’s knowledgable about DSLRs, REDs, DIT work, etc… I look forward to working with him.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how much of the video I’ll be able to show. Hopefully I can post a segment or two once it’s complete.

If I have a chance to post from set or during Thanksgiving week, I’ll send some updates on how the shoot went.