DV Expo 2013: axle

Last night at the LACPUG meeting, I had the opportunity to meet Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle. His company creates media management software. It seems that axle is positioned for a wide variety of users, from independent post houses all the way up to non-profits and corporations.

Sam invited me out to DV Expo to demo the web-based software panel for me and it looks very cool. I could see myself using this with some of the news producers I work with. Instead of having them load the clips at home for logging and review. I could host the files on my end and they could stream the clips with timecode on their end. That would allow me to maintain control of the filenames, log notes, keywords, etc…

One interesting note is that the video content does not need to reside in a specific place on your hard drive. It can be anywhere – perhaps even in the FCP Event folder. Here’s an interview with Sam discussing axle’s software.


Me and “CrazyRig”

Thanks to Emm from CheesyCam for sending the pic he took of me and my newly dubbed “CrazyRig.” For those curious, it consists of the following:

  • Panasonic GH3 with 12-35mm f2.8 Lens
  • Honu Fhugen Cage (which is awesome)
  • JuicedLink RM202
  • Sony V5 Headphones
  • Two Sennheiser G3 receivers
  • Sennheiser 416 mic with an SKP-300 butt plug.

Yeah, I said butt plug.


Bloggin’ around at DV Expo West 2013

I spent the day today at DV Expo 2013 at the LA Convention Center. While it was pretty sparse at the convention this year, I highly recommend you come out and meet the reps and manufacturers of some of your favorite products. It’s also great to get hands on demos of gear, such as the Movi.

Since I’ve been building out my GH3 cage rig, I decided to give it a test drive and perform some interviews and product demos with the vendors. I stopped off for a quick chat with Alzo Video, Adobe, Freefly, Beechtech, and Redrock Micro. I’ll post videos here as I time permits.

Also, it was great bumping into Emm from CheesyCam. We had a fun time making fun of me and my crazy rig with my 416 perched on top! 😉 I’ll post a pic here soon.