FCPWORKS L.A. Launch Event

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of both attending and demoing FCP at the FCPWORKS L.A. launch event. It was a great day that harkened back to the early years of Final Cut when Apple would demo and do one-on-ones with prospective and upgrading users.


What was great about yesterday’s event was not only that channel partners like AJA and Quantum were there showing full support for the new FCP ecosystem, but that Apple was there as well, demoing all the new features. The fact that there were about 10 Mac Pros chugging away was pretty impressive, too. I got to work on an 8-core all day and… holy shmoly I want one.

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Back from my ridiculously brief dance with the sun

We flew out of LAX on Saturday morning and arrived in Salt Lake City around noon. Three hours later, we were at our hotel and visiting the sites at Temple Square. Next thing you know, it’s dinner, sleep and boom, we’re in Park City on Sunday morning at 9AM.


My virgin Sundance experience was a very short but very full one. It was entirely exciting being a part of the hubbub, if even for a mere 13 hours. I really felt like I got the full Sundance experience.

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FCP X 10.1.1, Resolve, and all things AJA

This is really 3 blog posts in one. I’m getting ready to hit Sundance this weekend, so just wanted to talk about all the updates and a new/slightly used piece of tech I just received. Be sure to hit the more button below (that’s new!) if you want to read the rest of the article.

Yesterday, Apple released FCP X 10.1.1. It’s a most welcome update as it fixes the timeline responsiveness issue. I’m extremely happy that Apple got on this issue so quickly after the initial release. It shows a real dedication to the app and that the team is listening to the bug reports.

Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.1 Updates Include:

  • Preserves media files if an external drive or network is disconnected while consolidating a library
  • Resolves an issue with loading audio content in the Music and Sound Browser
  • Fixes a stability issue when applying a Motion effect with Scroll Text behavior
  • Faster switching between proxy media and original or optimized media
  • Improves Timeline responsiveness with very large projects

I got to mess with it last night and a bit this morning. All reports are good so far. The timeline is much more responsive and doesn’t seem to slow down. My one grievance, however, is that the timeline still isn’t responsive enough. I still don’t like the playhead jumping animation when you move from clip to clip. The audio waveforms go away if you zoom in during playback. Fast forwarding and rewinding footage at high speeds can also be a problem on slower drives.

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FCP X Quick Tip: Clearing Splits

This is a pretty basic command and not exactly earth-shattering, but I had no idea that it existed until today. I found it when I was reading through some of the commands in the command editor. This could be helpful after a long day of editing a radio cut and dealing with expanded audio and b-roll.


Hi everyone! Just wanted to throw some calendar updates out there as to places I’ll be in the next couple weeks. If you are at or near one of these places, feel free to contact me. It would be great to connect with folks that have been keeping up with my blog.

1. I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be attending Sundance this weekend (1/19 & 1/20) for the premiere of the documentary that my fiancé edited, Fed Up. For info on the documentary, please visit the site here. If you are coming to Sundance and wish to attend a screening, you can find info on signing up for a wait list here.

It will be both our first times to the legendary Land of Redford. I’m really looking forward to this trip. I hope to snap many amazing pictures of L.A. peeps coveting hot chocolates and lattes while wearing stylish poofy North Face jackets.

On that note, we spent the past two weekends looking for stylish poofy North Face jackets and snow boots. I know it’s a chain store, but I had amazing luck finding a comfy pair of snow boots at REI. If you’re in L.A., I recommend the store in Arcadia. It’s further out, but they have a better selection than Santa Monica and the staff is much more helpful. Plus it has the added benefit of a lower sales tax rate. Santa Monica is now an insane in the crazy brains 9.5%.

2. I’ll be attending the FCPWORKS premiere event on 1/25. You can sign up here.

This promises to be a great event. Alexis Van Hurkman, Alex Grossman from Quantum, Bryce Button from AJA, and Sam Mestman will be demoing their products and presenting their workflows with FCP. I’m very excited to see what Sam’s new venture will do for the growing FCP X community in Southern California. While I recognize that the world is filled with editors these days and what happens in Hollywood isn’t as big a deal anymore, I still feel that L.A. is the heart and soul of the entertainment industry. It’s great that a workflow and equipment reseller dedicated to FCP is starting up in my town.

3. LACPUG meetup on 1/29. Regster here. I try to attend these every month. This month’s meeting happens to be about… you guessed it, all the new features in FCP X 10.1. It promises to be a great event and I hope to see some of you there.

Shortest FCP X 10.1 Review Ever

In the vein of my shortest Premiere CC December Update Review Ever, here we go.

I see 10.1 as a very solid groundwork for moving forward with FCP X. No crashing, so far. Speed and responsiveness are better than 10 dot naught. The new library workflow is a most welcome addition. My favorite new feature is the clip indicator as I can see that little dot becoming something very important in the way we edit.

I look forward to testing the heck out of it over the next few weeks and months. More later, of course.

And to whet your whistle on things to come… check out Peter Wiggins’s video at the bottom of the page: