Last stop on my FCP X Road Tour tonight at LACPUG!

It’s been a great week of traveling up and down the California coast from L.A. to S.F. to Petaluma to Oakland and back to L.A. Last night, I taught a class on Prepping, Editing, and Delivering with FCP X at the Motion Picture Editors Guild. Everyone there was¬†really interested in FCP X. The good news is that there was only one person who gave me a hard time… Eric, I’m talkin’ to you! ūüėČ

And so, tonight rounds out my whirlwind week,¬†thus¬†ending my so-called “FCP X Road Tour.” I’ll be presenting Arctic Whiteness Final Cut Library Manager and Andreas Kiel’s X-Title Importer at the LACPUG. These are two great apps that do some amazing things which help increase your productivity when using FCP.

Final Cut Library Manager does pretty much what its name implies. It will manage the generated media (proxies and transcodes) that reside inside your libraries. Also it keeps track of the location for all your libraries across multiple drives.

X-Title Importer is one of the most intuitive¬†third party tools for FCP X¬†which allows you to¬†add subtitles to timelines. I highly recommend it and I’m using it on a job right now.

What is also great about these apps is that the developers are very responsive. When I’ve had issues, they’ve all gotten in touch with me and in some cases worked out bugs within a very short amount of time. Definitely check these out.

Hope to see you at the LACPUG tonight!

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